LEARN HOW TO setup your footyboard® and get training today!



The FOOTYBOARD® is a simple setup, but there are a few things you need to know.

As you choose a place to train, you want the center of the FOOTYBOARD® to match up with the steel pole of the fence. The pole provides the rigid support for the FOOTYBOARD® and is what allows it to be lightweight and portable for you. The straps will naturally line up with the links of the fence, and you want to choose links below the top of the FOOTYBOARD®. If you choose links higher up on the fence, the FOOTYBOARD® will ride up the fence as you tighten it. By choosing links below the top of the FOOTYBOARD® it will stay on the ground as you fasten it.

Unwrap the straps and fully open the ratchets. To fully open the ratchet push down on the spring release located inside the padded handle. While the ratchet is fully opened it cannot be used, and the gear on the inside will spin freely if you rotate it manually. You will use the same spring release to "unlock" the ratchet from the open position, which will again allow you to use the ratchet and tighten the FOOTYBOARD® to the fence.

Spring Release Ratchet.jpg

spring release Ratchet


Once you decide which links line up naturally with the FOOTYBOARD®, slide the strap through the top link. Use your fingers to grab it at the bottom and pull it back through. Avoid getting the strap caught on the point of the fence, instead allowing it to slide to one side or the other. Repeat this process on the other side of the FOOTYBOARD®, again remembering to choose a link lower than the top of the FOOTYBOARD® to insure the board stays on the ground. 

Thread Ratchet Behind Gear

Threading Ratchet STRAP

After you've threaded the strap through the fence and back to the front of the FOOTYBOARD®, you will slide the strap into the ratchet behind the round gear, pulling it all the way through. The FOOTYBOARD® should be resting flat against the fence. The strap is then rethreaded through the slot in the gear and pulled tight. Unlock the ratchet using the spring release and gently begin tightening the strap. You want to stop after partly tightening one side to start the other side. Avoid over tightening one side, so the FOOTYBOARD® doesn't stick out at angle. Once you're confident the FOOTYBOARD® is even on both sides, finish ratcheting it tightly to the fence. 

Rethread Strap.jpg


When you want to engage the pop-up angle, unlock the ratchet to the fully open position and gently pull on the straps on the front of the FOOTYBOARD®. You want to loosen the straps without pulling them all the way out. Pull the bottom of the FOOTYBOARD® out, allowing the FOOTYBOARD® to rest against the fence on the second angle of the upper support beam. The lower support beam should also be resting on the second angle. Re-ratchet the FOOTYBOARD® to the fence. Be careful to go little by little, switching back and forth tightening each side gradually. This will help keep the FOOTYBOARD® in the best pop-up position possible. However, you should have fun and feel free to play around with different angles to accomplish different training needs.