Whether you're a beginner or a pro, success on the field depends on your first touch. The FOOTYBOARD® is designed to help you, no matter what your skill level, train better and more efficiently without the need for another person. Designed with maneuverability in mind this gives you more access to the places you want when you need to train on your own. Soccer is a fast game with complex tactics, players who control the ball better have a huge advantage. Give yourself the edge by utilizing the FOOTYBOARD® today, and see your game immediately improve!


a word from becca Moros, creator of the footyboard®

As a professional soccer player, I know the value of a perfect first touch. Without it you lose the ability to leverage other skills to your advantage. There's no time to make up for a bad first touch. The game is a hard environment to develop in, the margin for error is minute and getting repetitions in is nearly impossible. Games are great for evaluation, whereas practices, small group or individual training sessions, mini-games and repetitive activities allow you to isolate and work on things until you see improvement. The best time to work on your skills, your first touch, your passing, and your body positioning, and more is by yourself or with the help of a good coach. That's the time when everything is about you and what you need to do to get better. That's why I invented the FOOTYBOARD®. Six years into my professional career, I was still searching for a way to refine game like situations by myself. With the FOOTYBOARD® you're both the passer and the receiver, the attacker and the defender of every play you make. You can't match the high number of quality repetitions in any other environment, including with a training partner. What you’re able to think of and do by yourself is what you're going to do in a game. If you can't think of it and execute plays when you’re by yourself then you shouldn’t expect those skills to be there on game day when you’re under pressure. Invest in yourself, buy the FOOTYBOARD® and drastically improve today.